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Protection of copyright in this territory started in the second half of the 19th century. During the following century, protection of copyright was directly determined by frequent political changes and alteration in legislation.

During the twenties of the last century (1929), Yugoslav Copyright Act was adopted, using as a model corresponding regulations of German, Austrian and Swiss legislation, and being in conformity with Bern Convention. A year later (in 1930) Yugoslavia became signatory of Bern Convention.

After the Second World War (in 1946), when Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was founded, new Copyright Act was adopted.

In order to improve the position of authors and to harmonize national legislation with international obligations of Yugoslav government, new Copyright Act was adopted during the fifties of the last century. At the end of sixties representatives of SOKOJ werw engaged in proposing amendment on Copyright Act, which was adopted that year.

At the end of nineties SOKOJ's Legal Department gave significant contribution to Copyright and Related Rights Act, adopted in May of 1998.

Positive law (January 2005) contains insignificant changes in relation to the previous; It follows newest tendencies in lawmaking in the field of copyright and is in harmony with the laws of European and other developed countries in the world. Essential innovations are more drastic sanctions for unauthorized use of copyright work leading to penal responsibility as per the Criminal Code of Republic of Serbia.

During the past decades Sokoj has put great effort into developing the system of copyright protection, struggle for better financial status of domestic authors as well as the copyright protection of foreign authors.

The Law on Copyright and Related Rights

Law on the Amendments of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights